Hanna Agasuuq Sholl was born in Kodiak, Alaska to Sophie Frets and Bruce Burns. Her maternal grandparents were Walter and Edna Hansen. Walt was from Karluk and Edna from Chignik. The pair met in Kodiak where they lived the majority of their lives together. Since childhood Hanna has been drawn to art. In 2006, she returned to Kodiak and began exploring Alutiiq arts. She started her journey under the mentorship of Alaska Native artist Flossie Spencer. Since then, Hanna has been developing her craft and running a business. Her exploration has led to many opportunities for learning from Native artists, culture bearers, and ancestral objects. In 2012, Hanna married Jonathan “Gage” Sholl who plays a big role in supporting her artistic life. They have been blessed with four children. Fueled by the support of her family, Hanna dedicates her days to learning and sharing Alutiiq arts, language, and dance.